It all started with a passion. A love for collecting watches and timepieces. It grew from an idea to create an extraordinary timepiece for friends, to the most-talked about new watch company in years.

This is the story of CURTIS & Co.

Years ago, when businessman and magazine publishing legend Curtis Wong traveled to Europe, he was fascinated by the watches he would see in all the stores from London, to Paris to Munich to Geneva, and beyond.

As a young boy, he loved watches and timepieces and that passion only grew stronger with each passing year. And as his business grew and became more successful, he began collecting watches from many of the world’s best watchmakers.

But, there was something more that inspired him. He studied what the world’s best watchmakers did right and made detailed notes of the things he would change.

The Search

So he began a search.

To find the best watchmakers and craftsmen, wherever they were, with the goal to do one simple thing… Create a watch unlike anything else.

For years, his friends would tell him how much they wished they could find a watch that was unique, different, fresh and exciting and had all the things they were looking for, but could never find. And try as they could, what they wanted was nowhere to be found… regardless of price.

The Vision

So Curtis went to work.

He envisioned a watch unlike anything any other watchmaker made, and so very different from anything else he could find. It had to be elegant. It had to be exceptional. It needed to be high-tech and use the world’s most cutting-edge and advanced technologies.

It would use materials like special blends of carbon fiber, the best precious metals available, rare and elegant gemstones.

And… It would fuse the lost art of old watch building and craftsmanship into one very special timepiece anyone would be proud to wear.

The Creation

So Curtis went to work.

But Curtis wanted it to be even more.

It needed to be a serious master crafted and world designed timepiece. And it needed to be fun … All at the same time!


Many believed so. But Curtis held on to his dream and his quest began.

He traveled the world and found the craftsmen that could build it and what they created was his first prototype.

Yes, the world’s most-gifted craftsmen had built the watch he loved. But now the big question on this mind was … “What would the others think?”

Armed with only a few prototypes of his new creation, he gave them to friends to wear. But Curtis had a big problem. His friends wouldn’t give them back. Not only did their friends who saw them want them, so did their friends and their friends and … well … you get the picture.

The first CURTIS & Co. watch became an instant smash hit.

The Timepiece

But for Curtis, a question still remained unanswered: “Why can’t everyone have these highly sought-after master crafted timepieces without having to pay a fortune for it?”

He was about to find that answer, but always keeping in the back of his mind what he learned about the unwritten rules of the truly elegant, rare, expensive and highly collectible watch world that can never be compromised:

Tourbillon Movement… One of the oldest, most time-consuming to make, and expensive watch movements created by the Swiss Valjoux 7750 Chronograph Movement … The uncompromising Swiss movement found in many of the world’s best watches.

Sapphire Crystal… Jewel-like quality that sets a true quality timepiece apart from all the rest.

Waterproof… A must-have feature that protects a watch’s intricate movements and ensures years of trouble-free ownership and enjoyment.

Finest Gemstones… Regardless of Price.

So Curtis began thinking … “What if I could bring to each watch CURTIS & Co. builds, all those things, and do it at a price that men and women everywhere could afford?”

After all he reasoned; a watch is more than just a timepiece. It’s a statement to everyone about who and what you are. In today’s world, the reality is … You may never speak a word, but your timepiece says loud and clear, the success that you are.

The Journey

So Curtis embarked on a journey.

A three-year journey that would take him to places all over the world with a mission to find the world’s best craftsmen and watch builders with the goal to build the watch of his dreams – the watch that everyone now wanted – and do all of it at a price anyone could afford.

He went to Switzerland. London. Paris. Germany. What he discovered made him smile. They were the watch building artists who still lived by and practiced the lost art and skills of old world craftsmanship passed down through centuries of families and generations. They were the watch building craftsmen who had the most exceptional abilities and skills.

They were those who shared his dream, passion, and vision to bring the best of old world craftsmanship together, with the most advanced technologies and materials, to create the watch of his dreams – a handmade masterpiece for all the world to wear.

The Collection

So to his craftsmen, he brought the best Swiss Movements… The world’s most sought-after, precise and most-expensive to make.

Special blends of carbon fiber.
The best precious metals.
The finest gemstones found anywhere in the world.

Then he told them… “Make the watch of my dreams that the world will wear.” And they did.

Welcome to the watch you’ve always wanted. The watch you’ve dreamed of finding. And at a price you never dreamed was possible. This Will Be The Watch You’ll Love To Wear.

Welcome to CURTIS & Co.

One Look.
One Feel. 
Go ahead… Just put one on your wrist.

And then get ready. You’re about to discover the answer to the question people all over the world now know.

“When was the last time the watch you wore made you feel good?”

CURTIS & Co. Watches
“What the World Wears”